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The Roman Forum

Visit the centre of Roman life

The Roman Forum has been conserved since the time of the Empire until today, as if it were a snapshot of a day in their daily life. This group of temples, streets and walls maintain the daily life of Rome during the Republic. Here traders, local residents, State politics and prostitutes mingled day after day. In the background the Palatine Hill overlooked the daytime activities. This forum was founded around 500 BC as a meeting point for bartering and exchanging goods. Centuries later, due to changes in the Empire, there was a need to install the city administration somewhere, so several buildings from this forum were used for that purpose. The Temple of Concord is still standing today, where the Senate set up its quarters. The temple of Castor and Pollux, the Basilica Julia and Tabulario also kept the secrets from the great days of the Empire. Actually, the Roman Forum was the most extensive area of the city, as it refers to the city centre, to the area where the city activity took place. The passage of time has meant that a large part of it is buried between the new buildings, but you can still see the ruins and imagine what the great Roman Empire was like..

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