10 tips to keep your hand baggage

Find out what type of packs are considered hand baggage and how to can change them so that they can go in the cabin with you during the flight.

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Declared value baggage

These are items you should declare at check-in because they have a special value.

Illustration of declared-value baggage

It is important to consider 3 factors when checking in.

You should go to the valuation control with plenty of time.

The contents you are declaring should exceed 1,131 special drawing rights (€1,200).

If you combine the trip with other companies they should all accept the baggage's valuation.

Presentation time

You should check in before the recommended time to start the control process, which includes:

  • Opening your baggage.
  • Checking the existence of the objects you wish to value.
  • Formalising the excess baggage ticket document.
  • Locking your baggage closed.

Declaration limits

The content of the baggage is valued at:

  • 1,131 special drawing rights (equivalent to approximately €1,200).
  • USD 5,000 maximum declaration per passenger.

Surcharges: The percentage to be paid for the declared value for the passenger is 5 per 1,000 and an excess baggage ticket has to be issued.

Combined transport companies

Valued baggage carried on different companies should be validated by all the airlines that take part in the process.

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