10 tips to keep your hand baggage

Find out what type of packs are considered hand baggage and how to can change them so that they can go in the cabin with you during the flight.

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Electronic items

You can use them in “flight mode” or equivalent during the whole flight.
Enable the wifi and data network when the service is available and the mobile signal indicates it.

If they cause interference with electronic devices the captain may ban their use.

Ilustración de dispositivos electrónicos

During take-off and landing larger devices must be appropriately stowed and turned off.

They must be turned off if placed inside checked baggage.

Check the regulation on the carriage of lithium batteries installed in electronic equipment or carried as spares

Permitted during the flight

Enhance your flight experience by connecting your devices during all the flight phases in “flight mode” or equivalent .

  • Mobile phones.
  • Music players.
  • Portable game consoles.
  • Bluetooth devices.
  • Personal computers with or without an external mouse.
  • Tablets and handheld pdas.

Wifi and GSM connection

You can connect to the wifi and data network on Iberia aircraft when the service is available. Enable data transmission when the mobile signal indicates it.

Initially available on long-haul aircraft (Airbus A340 and A330) equipped with the new seats and modern entertainment system.

Prohibited items

By not using devices that affect the aircraft’s electronics you will be ensuring a safe flight for all.

  • Remote control games.
  • Television sets.
  • Computer or videogame peripherals.
  • AM and FM radios.
  • Wireless computer mice.
  • Some devices as hover boards, air wheels and solo wheels are now banned
    in both carry on hand baggage and checked hold luggage.
  • E-cigarettes (may be transported only as carry-on baggage).

*IBERIA adapts to Regulation 1042 of January 9, 2002 of the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (operative bulletin 01/02) published in the Spanish Official Gazette on January 18, 2002 and to IATA recommendations.

And remember

  • Use in “flight mode” only.
  • Connect wifi only when the mobile signal indicates it.
  • If there is interference, the crew may ask you not to use them.
  • Some devices are banned during the flight.

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