Every May, thousands of competitors, spectators, and volunteers descend on Puerto del Carmen for a gruelling testament to human endurance

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Ironman Lanzarote

An annual triathlon

If you really want to put yourself to the test physically, competing against some of the world's fittest athletes, give a thought to Puerto del Carmen's annual Ironman Lanzarote competition (in 2016, May 21st). And even if you don't compete, it makes a fascinating experience as a spectator, as well - watching some 1,800 men and women turning themselves into flesh-and-blood machines pushed to their limits on land and sea. It includes four kilometres (2½ miles) of swimming, biking around the entire island, and a road marathon of 42 km (26 mi.). This is a huge deal locally, and in addition to competitors and spectators also involves more than 4,000 volunteers working in all sorts of capacities.

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