Discover where artesinal sea salt comes from at this venerable family-owned business

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Janubio Salt Ponds

NaCl a go-go

Ever wonder where sea salt comes from? If you've never visited salt pans, the Salinas de Janubio, on a saltwater lagoon just off the beach near Yaiza in Lanzarote's southwest, makes for an interesting stop. Making a dramatic contrast of white alongside black earth and blue ocean, this family-run enterprise has been in business for more than a century extracting salt from seawater, with the hot African sun concentrating and solidifying the sodium chloride in the water, and producing high-quality salt that makes its way to tables and kitchens all over Spain, as condiment and for use in cooking. The best time of year to visit, with the most activity here, is when that sun is at its strongest, in summer. Any time of year, you can also participate in salt tastings as well as take some home for yourself or as gifts.

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