Funny story behind this spectacular contemporary multi-use venue, and it involves actor Omar Sharif

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LagOmar Museum

Finding your quarry

On Lanzarote to film The Mysterious Island in the early 1970s, actor Omar Sharif was so impressed by this grand modern compound in the town of Nazaret, built in a former volcanic rock quarry by the firm of (who else) César Manrique, that he went and bought it. And then, the story goes, Sharif proceede to lose it in a game of bridge - after which he left Lanzarote forever. Now all comers can see what all the fuss was about - whitewashed modern architecture, gardens and pools running through the quarry and its caves. Today it's a multi-use venue, with exhibition and performance space, restaurant, bar, and guest cottages. In fact, it's become something of a cultural centre and magnet for events attracting artists, writers, and musicians.

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