A testament to dramatic forces of nature

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Timanfaya National Park

Mountains of fire

Did you know that at least a full quarter of Lanzarote was buried by the lava that erupted from the ground in the 18th century, destroying towns wholesale? Covered with solidified magma and ash, Timanfaya National Park (aka Montañas del Fuego, Mountains of Fire) is testament to the awesome forces of nature that have reshaped these islands. On a visit to the park, which costs less than 10 euros and lasts an hour, you'll see geysers and "geothermal anomalies" such as unusually high temperatures that are the fruit of convulsive eruptions from 1730 to 1736. The Route of Volcanoes extends for 14 kilometres (nine miles); one classic experience is to do it by camel.

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