Distinctive on the Old Town skyline, the enormous 'Frauenkirche' comes with a devilish tale

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Cathedral of Our Lady

Angels and demons

Better known as the Frauenkirche, Munich's largest church (and one of the largest and most important in all of Germany), is a Gothic icon with a capacity for 20,000, built mostly between 1468 and 1494. Highlights inside include the understated (not!) tomb of Holy Roman Emperor Louise IV - previously Duke Ludwig of Bavara; the lovely altars (especially the San Andreas altar); and one curious floor tile with a (curiously human-looking) stone footprint known as the Teufelstritt (Devil's footprint). Various forms of legends had the architect selling his soul to the Devil to finance the cathedral's building but managing to trick Satan, who then stomped his feet in rage, leaving an imprint. Other versions have Lucifer unsuccessfully trying to destroy the cathedral - but what he couldn't accomplish, Allied bombing in World War II almost did - what's here now is largely reconstructed.

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