The rococco seat of Bavaria's monarchs is Germany's largest city palace, and quite a piece of work - especially its extravagantly bejeweled Treasury

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The Residenz Palace

The big house

The old rococo residence of the monarchs of Bavaria, off the Odeonplatz, it's Germany's largest city palace, built in 1385 and with rather more modest dimensions, and getting remodeled and enlarged, serving as the royal digs until the November Revolution of 1918 which abolished the monarchy. It was between 1750 and 1755 that one of the most extravagant and popular halls was added, the Cuivilliés Theatre. It was severely damaged in World War II, but restored, and is today a popular attraction for visitors, who are especially entranced by its Schatzkammer (Treasury) with an eye-popping collection, of artwork, coins, and all manner of extravagant bling, including the crown jewels and other inestimably valuable objects belonging to the royal house of Wittelsbach.

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