Food and drink top the list of souvenirs/gifts to shop for - and most especially beer

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Typical Food Mementos

Tasty treats

Munich and Bavaria as a whole have no shortage of options to bring home as souvenirs or as gifts for friends and family. Top of the list are foods and drink, with perhaps the number-one spot going to beer, the most popular and typical product there is - consider for example bringing back bottles of local brands Augustiner, Hofbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, or Löwenbräu (or for something a tad stronger still, a bottle of the prestigious gin The Duke). For edibles, check out the gourmet shop/restaurant called Dallmayr, whose core product line is coffee, but also has 14 departments selling the in chocolates, cheeses, sausages, German wines, and much more.

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