Our special recommendation: cheese fondue on board the tram.

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A Little Cheese?

You won't know which one to choose

One of the star products in Swiss cuisine are undoubtedly the cheeses, which are included in many of their traditional dishes. Their history and production date back centuries, and the quality and variety of cheeses that you can find in the country is practically immeasurable. Perhaps the most popular cheese in the area of Zurich is the famous 'Emmental' with its popular holes, but there are also hard, soft, and alpine cheeses, as well as ones for making fondue of course, which is one of the nation's specialties. In fact, it's estimated that there are almost five hundred different and recognized varieties. If you would like to buy a souvenir of this kind of product, the usual ones are 'Gruyère', 'Sbrinz', and 'Emmental' which is the cheese we mentioned earlier. Here's a different plan: What do you think about trying a delicious cheese fondue while you tour the city by tram? Yes, you can do this in Zurich, and it's a different way to go sightseeing, isn't it?

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