The country's most precious mineral water comes from this place, which will fascinate you.

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Aquae Helveticae

Dating back to the Roman era, this intriguing city located on the banks of the River Limmat in the canton of Argovia is a place that still provides the springs of the country's most precious mineral water. In fact, Baden is historically known as 'Aquae Helveticae' ('Waters of the Helvetii'), and the water in the heart of the subsoil of this small town can reach up to 47 degrees. Fascinating, isn't it? The castles and fortresses built by the Romans for defending themselves against neighbouring attacks were destroyed during the battles against the Old Swiss Confederacy back in the 15th and 18th centuries, but that didn't stop this charming little town from captivating geniuses of world literature such as Goethe and Nietzsche who travelled here to spend some relaxation time. At only twenty minutes from Zurich, it will be ideal for getting away from the city's hustle and bustle, while you enjoy its spectacular landscapes.

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