Boutiques, jeweller's and watchmaker's of course... which are among the best in the world!

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Bahnhofstrasse Street

The golden mile

Yes, we have arrived now: Bahnhofstrasse represents Zurich's golden mile; a street that stretches from the train station to the lake that crowns the city. The fact is that you'll find the most exclusive, luxurious, and expensive shops along this avenue but not just in this country, as you could say the same for the whole world: the city of banks is also famous for the world's most precise watchmaking; the most exclusive jewellery, and the most sophisticated fashion in such a way that brands such as Cartier and Rolex have large branches here. Whether or not you are keen on fashion and shopping, it's worth going through this area, as the whole district is covered by a special scent and atmosphere. You can even complete your visit by mixing with the people who are walking along the street of Niederdorf, which is the city's other commercial street. Welcome to the capital of luxury!

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