A walk round the most typical flora of the region, and a recreation of tropical and alpine climates.

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Botanical Garden

Pure nature

This is an excellent way to know and understand the region from a different point of view. The botanical garden belongs to the University of Zurich and its construction began in 1833. In 1851, the greenhouse started to take shape which presently enjoys so much recognition that it is considered as one of the city's protected monuments. This centre offers a chronological and geographical tour round the natural world, as well as an introspective look at the region's flora where Zurich is located, which is marked by its own characteristics and different to what may be found in the rest of the country, due to its orography. The botanical garden also shows natural recreations of tropical, Mediterranean, and alpine climates in addition to a spectacular area of aquatic plants where a multitude of species are gathered together. The botanical garden is a must-visit for all nature lovers, and a really spectacular enclave.

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