Located in a strategic place, it's famous for its bustling flea market.

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From the port to the centre

This popular place situated halfway between the port and the city centre is one of Zurich's busiest and most famous squares, and this is for a good reason: during the 19th century, a decision was made to cover the water that ran under the area with earth, in order to build a green area with wide walkways. Since then, Bürkliplatz has become a strategic mooring point for all boats sailing around the city. Designed by the architect Arnold Bürkli, this place naturally took his surname. Bürkliplatz is located in a very central point, and at only five minutes from a famous street named Bahnhofstrasse. But what really gives life to this place is the market called Flohmarkt Bürkliplatz; a curious street market which is perfect if you are looking for a nice souvenir from Zurich. Here, you'll find typical crafts such as cuckoo clocks, to traditional sweets. You're in Bürkliplatz!

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