Before it was a cabaret, now it's an exhibition centre... A very curious story!

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Cabaret Voltaire

The birthplace of dadaism

This is one of Zurich's most curious stories. It was during the month of February 1916 when the artist, and one of the most transgressive people of the time, Hugo Ball, founded Cabaret Voltaire above a theatre. The purpose of the centre was for making fun of traditional works through parodies performed in the theatre below. This practice was carried out due to the need for seeking new artistic trends. As surprising as it seems, these original interpretations increasingly gained more popularity and recognition among the public, and the Dada movement was founded in this way which was so arbitrary, and in such a strange place. Cabaret Voltaire was also the venue for intellectuals who embraced surrealism, and a large quantity of alternative trends during the period. Now you can visit inside the building and be a participant of this parallel world, since it was turned into an exhibition centre of the Dada movement in the year 2002.

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