Want a 100% Swiss plan? Accompany a nice glass of wine with a little cheese. It's delicious!

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Good Swiss Wine

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Despite Switzerland's small area, the country has large and important wine harvests, and some of them have so much quality that they even compete with the French and Spanish wines. The grapevines are mostly harvested in the south and in the areas nearest to the country's francophone region, especially in the cantons of Vaud and Tesino, as well as the region of Geneva. But Zurich isn't left behind, as good wines are also produced in the suburbs, despite the hard conditions of the land, and the unfavourable weather. If you would like to try the local varieties, we recommend that you visit the streets named Oberdorfstrasse or Niederdorfstrasse in the evening, and do a tour of their lovely bars and restaurants if the weather is good. Would you like to know a 100% Swiss plan? Make the most of trying these wines with some cheese snacks. They make a wonderful combination!

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