A perfect combination to start off the night: a first-class dinner with an excellent atmosphere.

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Kaufleuten + Iriquois

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Should you be looking for somewhere to dine and relax, and to discover Zurich at night after spending the day going round the city, then look out for these two alternatives that can be easily complemented: the Kaufleuten is an ideal place to taste Swiss cuisine, as this legendary establishment is (and has always been) in fashion, consisting of a pleasant bar and restaurant combination where their cocktail menu and variety of food stand out due to their noticeable international nature. Value for money here at the Kaufleuten is more than reasonable for being in Switzerland, as the main course dishes are served in good portions. Iroquois represents the other side of the coin with a much more relaxed atmosphere, making an ideal option to start off for the first drink, and to try their really delicious Mexican cuisine. Both restaurants are in the city centre, so it won't be difficult to make time and find your place.

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