World famous: their meat dishes are worth their weight in gold.

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Meat Menu at the Lindenhofkeller

The best place for a treat

If you're thinking of treating yourself and going somewhere special for lunch or dinner, this is our personal recommendation: the Lindenhofkeller restaurant isn't only one of the most famous in the city of Zurich, it's also quite a legend in the whole region. This restaurant has been open since 1860, and it has two qualities that make it extremely special: on the one hand, you have its impressive cuisine which is considered as one of the best in the world, according to critics and most of the public. If you're looking for something typical, their specialty is roasted beef loin, but their stews are also very famous. On the other hand, it's because the restaurant has one of the best wine cellars in the city where they store more than six hundred examples of first class wines. Wine experts and lovers of good wines have a sanctuary here to spoil their palates. The Lindenhofkeller restaurant is certainly a special and unique place.

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