This wooden bridge offers one of the best panoramic views of the city.

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Mülesteg Bridge

Unforgettable views

We are talking about one of Zurich's most emblematic monuments. This ancient wooden bridge that crosses the Limmat River from one bank to the other has become one of the most visited places by visitors and residents for many years who come to enjoy the intriguing panoramic views. The horizon is like no other, as you will see the whole city from here, and it's an ideal place for taking superb photos. Even though the Mülesteg Bridge has been restored on numerous occasions since it was built during the 19th century, it still moves on windy days as its peculiar architecture doesn't keep the bridge in an extremely rigid position: this has turned it into a crossing for the brave, and all sorts of stories have resulted from this. It's so famous that you must cross the river from one side to the other at least once during your visit. Now, hold your breath and... go forward!

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