You have arrived at a key point for global finance, and a symbol of power.

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The grand banking headquarters

An impressive stone forum named Paradeplatz appears in the centre of the street named Bahnhoftsrasse: this historic small square was an old cattle fair during the 17th century, and nowadays all banking entities have moved their headquarters here to this place. Paradeplatz is a real image of power. It's said that a bank must be established in this place if it wants to have real weight and importance in the financial sector, and this is up to the point that a large part of economical and financial decisions are made here to move the world every day. Nevertheless, the square keeps a calm and peaceful atmosphere, contrasting with the crowds that fill this place, as well as the shops, which turns Paradeplatz into a peace stronghold. Incidentally, we recommend you to stop and take a look at the tram station, which is one of the largest in the city of Zurich.

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