Rösti and Swiss Potatoes are considered as a national dish, so you can't leave without tasting it.

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Rösti and Swiss Potatoes

One hundred per cent Swiss

If you've never tried the famous rösti, you'll never find a better opportunity than this. It's possible that this purely Swiss and popular dish originated among the families of farmers on the mountains: these crofters prepared the recipe every day by using the most common product they had at home, which was the potato. Rösti is a mix of potatoes cut into slices and then are fried or cooked with animal fats and all kinds of ingredients, to finally make a type of omelette. There are many variations from onion to bacon, various cheeses, and spices from each area. Rösti has been traditionally considered as Switzerland's national dish. Now you can find it in any establishment and as a take-away dish. People say that rösti originally made up part of breakfast, and there are people who still consume it this way, so we suggest that you try it in one of the cafes in the city centre.

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