Crowned by a real wonder: its mural clock is the largest in Europe.

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St. Peter's Church

The oldest church

The Roman invasion and control left a permanent trace in the city of Zurich. The first proof of this is St. Peter's Church (St. Peterskirche), which was built around the year 900, and made a boundary for Lindenhof that was also Roman. What will surely attract your attention the most as you observe the building's exterior is its tower that was raised in the 12th century following the Romanesque and Gothic canons, and much like what happened to the central nave. The historic relevance of this church is significant as it is the most important in the city besides Grossmünster; in fact, Zurich's first mayor was buried at this church in 1360. Other interesting facts? Sure: if you look at the tower, you will see that it's crowned by a huge clock. Right, well this is the largest mural clock in Europe thanks to its diameter of 8.7 metres.

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