Brands like Rolex, Montblanc, and Piaget are combined with others at more affordable prices.

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Swiss Watchmaking

A real symbol of luxury

Watchmaking is one of the most exclusive, expensive, and also one of the most popular products made in Switzerland; a symbol of distinction and elegance that has managed to cross borders. Generally associated to fashion and luxury, the world's best watchmaker's open their doors here in Zurich. If you are interested in purchasing a real precision timepiece, the avenue of Bahnhofstrasse will be the most suitable option: this street in the centre is known for being home to internationally famous brands such as Rolex, Beyer, Omega, Piaget, and Montblanc, which are destined only for those with deep pockets. But don't worry because everything has a solution: there is an interesting variety of middle class watches thanks to brands like Swatch, M-Watch, and Mondaine who make great quality watches at much more affordable prices. This way you'll be able to take back a valuable souvenir from the city without making your wallet tremble.

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