Zurich's fame for being a luxurious city is no fable, and this district shows why.

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The Bahnhofstrasse District

If we're talking luxury...

Switzerland is world famous for being a country of luxury, and Zurich is a good example of such wealth and ostentation. Despite the discretion and education that the residents show, the city also has areas where this business and economic force is patently obvious: for example, from Bürkliplatz, as you pass by one side of the lake, there's a street that begins which is named after the district of Bahnhofstrasse on Bahnhofplatz square, and this district is the most luxurious in the city, as well as being one of the most beautiful and well preserved. You can follow the tram to go along here, which will mark the way for you along the avenue. The lights will also guide you along this enormous street, and this makes one of the nicest picture cards of the area when they are combined with the winter snow. There must some reason for all the famous brands choosing this place to set up shop.

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