A review of the tradition and the best works in this field, which are deeply rooted in Switzerland.

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The Haus Konstruktiv Museum

A little industrial architecture?

There is something you should know before analyzing this museum: the artistic trend of industrial architecture was one of the most active and significant in Switzerland during the 20th century. That is why the Haus Konstruktiv Museum is a centre which is completely dedicated to the maintenance and exhibition of this trend. This place is an institution dedicated to historic analysis and constructive, conceptual and concrete art. Throughout its multiple sections, you will be able to get close to this movement and up to the most important work in the place by the Swiss artist Fritz Glarner titled Rockefeller Dining Room. But the visit doesn't stop here, as the cafeteria is almost as important as the exhibition itself where they usually organize exhibitions and debates on these artistic trends. To discover this museum will help you to have a better understanding of the rest of the city, and of the appearance of its buildings.

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