The essence of Le Corbusier outside, and works by Weber inside: an unbeatable combination.

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The Heidi Weber Museum

Hurray for the colours!

With Lake Zurich as a special guest, this multi-coloured construction is one of the most curious museums that you will find, and not just in Switzerland, but the whole of Europe: we're talking about the Heidi Weber Museum, which is also known as Maison de l´Homme. The history of the building goes back to the 1960s when two Swiss men struck up a friendship: the famous architect Le Corbusier, and the artist Heidi Weber. These two men started this project based on a simple idea: a gallery in which Weber's works were to be exhibited within the architect's parameters. As Le Corbusier died during its construction, the artist was obliged to take charge and change the contract of the building, so that one of the master's assistants could finish it in his honour. The Heidi Weber Museum is a venue for several exhibitions, but it's worth visiting just to see the building's exterior.

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