Swiss products in one of Zurich's largest intercultural melting pots.

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The Helvetiaplatz Market

A very traditional event

Moving away a little from the exclusive and luxury brands, we arrive at this central square to discover something very different: the market at Helvetiaplatz. This is one of the city's most emblematic markets where they basically offer typical local food products which are mainly of organic origin, such as vegetables, fruit, wine, homemade products and cheeses, being the main product here. This market takes place every Tuesday and Friday morning and it makes a very special option for your senses as you'll enjoy the mixture of scents, colours and flavours. This market has grown so much during the last few years that it has eventually turned into Zurich's cultural melting pot; a meeting where numerous cultures, races, languages, food, and people get together, which makes a fine example of the city's well known cosmopolitan reputation.

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