Another Swiss feast: melted cheese, potatoes, cold meats, and white wine.

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In the Canton of Valais, a cheese is produced which is different and characterized for two reasons: it's made from unpasteurised milk, and has a peculiar shape of wheel. Raclette is an enormous circle of cheese that can weigh more than six kilos, and is often consumed by letting it melt next to a heat source, allowing this cheese to be eaten in a warm and melted way. The Canton of Valais was where raclettes became popular. It's a type of grill that is similar to fondue and it's very common to order it in bars and restaurants and for sharing among several people. Raclette is also usually accompanied with cold meats, gherkins, and boiled potatoes, making a dish which is more than filling. The tradition began in the region of Valais but it soon became popular and spread throughout the rest of the country to be one of Switzerland's most typical dishes nowadays. Accompany yours with one of the local white wines.

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