The second largest city in the canton of Zurich which is ideal for an excursion.

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At just 28 kilometres from Zurich

Winterthur is the second largest city in the canton of Zurich, after the capital which is located at just 28 kilometres away. This city is a must-visit for those who want to know the most important parts in the region. It started as a Roman settlement during the imperial domination, and served as a logistics store for army troops in the middle of the Alps. Constantly in competition with its big sister, the evolution of Winterthur was more to do with its quality of the canton's industrial area, while its architectural development had converted it into a beautiful enclave in which its carefully preserved public parks and gardens stand out, as well as a city centre that received the Wakker prize in 1989 for the city with the best urban planning. All this, as well as being situated by the banks of the Eulach river, make it a great choice for you to enjoy a day out here. You'll love it!

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