The animals come first here, and it's noticeable. This zoo is a great natural wonder.

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Zooh! Zurich

Animals take precedence here

This interesting zoo is located in the outskirts of the city in a green zone called Zurichberg, where a large enough place was found in 1929 to develop this animal and natural reserve project. The main objective was clear from the start, and this was to recreate different ecosystems under purely scientific criteria. The idea of finding a place to protect different species of animals from all over the world that were threatened or in danger of becoming extinct was above and beyond the zoo's tourism aspect. Their objective was accomplished, and in a big way: more than three hundred different species and more than four thousand examples are currently living in this place, which houses animals that originate from such different places like the Himalayas or Africa, yet they have managed to make their home here and to breed. And besides this, you can see them all! We're talking about humans and nature coming together, which makes this place more than a zoo.

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