If your into alternative shopping, you should visit the district of 'Fressgrass'. Its shops and cafés will win you over.

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Alternative Frankfurt

For alternative souls.

If you're not interested in the boutiques of the big designers and the famous and luxury brands; if you're not looking for the hustle and bustle of the busy Zeil Street either but you want to find shops that you're not going to find in any another place, and you don't mind that they're not so well-known, then you must come along to the district of 'Fressgrass'. It's located between 'Opernplatz' and 'Börsenstrasse'. This district in the city is considered to be 'alternative' and it offers a good variety of shops, offering second-hand items, clothes, accessories, crafts and other things. You'll find these kinds of shops mainly on the streets named 'Scweizer', 'Berger' and 'Börsenstrasse'. But if you're around there, we recommended you to lose yourself among the side streets and you'll surely find a variety of interesting shops. This district is also perfect to finish a day of shopping because the large amount of cafés and peaceful atmosphere make you feel like winding down after a visit to the city.

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