A perfect museum for the little ones in the family: dinosaurs, birds, cave men… what else can you ask for?

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The Naturmuseum Senckenberg

Fossils galore.

You must know that this is largest and most important natural history museum in the whole of Germany and you also must be aware that it's one of the most popular museums for children. So, if you are travelling with children, it's a good opportunity to visit this museum. The most outstanding feature of this gigantic building is the unprecedented collection of dinosaur and bird fossils that are kept inside the building. Complemented with another collection of hominids, a beautiful story of animal evolution is told through this collection, which is very entertaining for children. This museum has been open since 1907 and since then, it's been updated with the intention of offering a tour throughout human and animal evolution which can be shown to all age groups. This is why those interested in science and evolution theories must visit this museum.

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