We Love Cupcakes versus Jenny's Cupcakes

Butter cupcakes and Spaghettieis are the specialities in both of these establishments. Try them and tell me - which one do you prefer?

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We Love Cupcakes versus Jenny's Cupcakes

Sweet competition.

We present you two of the sweetest places than you can find in Frankfurt. They are two cake shops that don't only prepare the typical sweets and chocolates of the city, they're also specialists in cupcakes. The first one is called 'We Love Cupcakes' and it's located at number 35 on the street named 'Gartenstrasse'. The second is another institution in the world of sweets. It's a place called 'Jenny's Cupcakes' and you'll find their shop at number 154 on Berger Street. Both premises have developed the special feature of elaborating these cupcakes in an original way. On one hand, you can try interesting mixtures like the popular butter cupcake or the Spaghettieis (a type of ice cream in the shape of Italian pasta). Naturally, they're also specialists in the elaboration and spectacular presentation of cupcakes, which are made with typical sweet products of the area, famous brands of chocolate and using original, home-made recipes. Two perfect places to take a break from your walk and your diet!

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