A gastronomic voyage to Italy with fantastic hosts that pay attention to every last detail.

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Riviera restaurant

Mamma mia!

Entering the Riviera restaurant is like taking a trip to the Italian coast, as much for its setting as for its cuisine and little details such as the private vegetable garden where they grow their own spices. Would you like to have a romantic dinner? The owners will provide rose petals and flowers at your request. A surprise birthday? Cake is provided especially for the birthday girl or boy. The Riviera restaurant was nominated in 2013 for the Italian Hospitality Award so you can imagine how you will be treated. Their owners, Liuggi and Angela, will make your visit an unforgettable experience because they have fun with that combination of Italian tradition and Ecuadorian products and they have shown this with the publication of the recipe book "Cooking from two worlds". They follow the "slow food" philosophy, shown scientifically to be the best way to eat and enjoy food. Amongst their latest features that you can't miss out on is the menu designed by the chef Paolo Passano.

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