This street full of Colonial houses has been transformed into a tourist hub

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La Calzada

A journey through colours and flavours

Those who stop to cross La Calzada street in Granada will be effortlessly passing through an extraordinary slice of national history, culture and entertainment. By stopping to stroll along its paved path, lined with Colonial houses, tourists will experience the transformation of this street into the recreational hub it is today: arts, culture, sports, history and cuisine are the attractions found in this area, which has gained its status since the construction of the quay. This thousand-step stretch makes it easy to enjoy the flavours from the bars, the colour of the houses and the rhythm of its variety. Domestic and imported beers, freshly made chocolate, exotic liquors, grilled meats, pizzas, bike rentals and an interesting tourist offer for visitors to Nicaragua are just some of the myriad offerings of La Calzada in Gran Sultana.

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