Some 100,000 citizens do their shopping in Central America's most extensive open-air market

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Oriental Market

Where people from the capital shop

The Oriental Market, which extends across 135 blocks, is probably the largest open-air market space in Central America. More than 100,000 Nicaraguan natives pass through its narrow paths every day, and it is considered a favourite place to shop by many. Founded in 1943, the Oriental Market has grown chaotically in the heart of the capital, the centre of this popular shopping centre brings together hundreds of small, informal shops. Inside, you can buy everything from luxury items from Arab and Turkish markets to the humble wares of rural businessmen. Official estimates show that this massive shopping centre represents about one quarter of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It's the perfect place for tourists hoping to find anything they can think of, thanks to its 20,000-plus establishments and numerous street vendors.

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