A fascinating look at daily life of 3,000 years ago

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Torre d'en Galmés Neolithic Site

Another Bronze Age relic

This site containing the first remnants of civilisation on Minorca - a village believed to date back to 1300 BC - is located between Alaior and Son Bou. One of the most powerful towns of its day, Torre d´en Galmés was capable of housing 900 residents, and is in a remarkable state of preservation given its great age - partly, perhaps, due to its protected position, with a small hill to one side and the island's south coast to the other. Its most notable constructions are the trio of talaiots (megaliths) which have become the site's symbol, but you'll also find remnants of houses, storehouses, and workplaces - all in remarkable condition. A truly amazing window into day-to-day island life of more than 3,000 years ago.

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