A nature reserve that was a crossroads of civilisations in the past, but today allows you a splendid experience of pristine nature.

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Cabrera island

Majorca's largest offshore island is a wild, uninhabited place you can visit.

La Cabrera is the largest of the offshore islets surrounding Majorca, located about 5 miles out, and all of it has been declared a natural reserve, its interior completely wild and a habitat of innumerable animal species. Thanks to its strategic location for maritime trade, this plot of land has been occupied over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Byzantines. You can take a boat out from the harbour at Palma, and once you're here, lo, atop of one of the hills, with a watchful appearance, you'll spot a castle; it's a fortification built in the 14th century to prevent pirates from overrunning the island. You can also explore kilometres of pristine coves, of pathways between forest and sand, and gaze out to sea from the craggy cliffs.

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