Uruguay, known as the Banda Oriental in Colonial times, is the second smallest country in South America, and the only one to be fully located entirely within a temperate zone.

When you fly to Uruguay you'll experience a variable climate with four seasons clearly differentiated by their temperature. The average annual temperature is approximately 17.5 ºC, ranging from around 20 ºC in the north-west region to around 16 ºC on the south coast. The highest temperatures occur in January and February, and the lowest ones in June and July.

The maximum and minimum temperatures in summer (January) in Montevideo are 28 ºC and 17 ºC, respectively. The average maximum and minimum temperatures in winter (July) in Montevideo are 14 °C and 6 °C, respectively, although because of the high humidity it feels colder than it actually is. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Montevideo is −5.4 °C.

Iberia flies to the Montevideo International Airport (IATA code: MVD), also known as Carrasco, which is situated in the Canelones department, 18 kilometres from Montevideo.

You can reach the city centre by public transport and by taxi with the company “Taxi Aeropuerto de Carrasco”. The journey by taxi takes approximately 45 minutes and costs between USD 25 and USD 50, depending on the area of the city where you are going. There is also a minibus service, which costs around USD 12 per person, and a conventional bus service to the city centre every 10 to 15 minutes for around USD 2 per person.


Uruguayan cuisine is the product of a melting pot, the result of the influx of Spanish and Italian immigrants, as well as smaller volumes of French, British, German and other nationalities, between colonial times and the mid-20th century. You will therefore find fish, sea food and pasta dishes as well as pizzas. Meat, the leitmotif of our traditional cuisine, was integrated into the dishes brought by immigrants, lending them a local flavour and transforming original recipes. Today, these assorted stews form part of the family diet.

As a result of autochthonous influences, the asado and mate consumed in the rural areas by the Charrúa, Guaraní and Creole peoples before the birth of our nation have gradually been embraced in the capital by every sector of society, to the point where today asado is the most popular food and mate has become the national infusion and beverage.

Take a flight to Uruguay and savour the delights of our grilled meat, pasta dishes, chivito, caramel spread and other delicacies that you won't want to miss.

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