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VIP Service Limousines

A driver will pick you up from your home, hotel or office in a luxury vehicle to take you to the airport, or back, for free.

Limousines at Madrid T4 and at Barcelona T1

Who can request this service?

Business Plan passengers on intercontinental flights operated and marketed by Iberia* with a full fare ticket (Business Plus reduced fares excluded).

Iberia Plus Platinum customers travelling in Business Plus with a ticket paid for in Avios.

For customers with origin or destination Barcelona through Madrid, the Barcelona/Madrid connection must be on the next regular Iberia flight.

* Excludes flights with codeshare IB4XXX, IB5XXX, IB7XXX and IB9XXX.

* Service subject to availability

Note: None of these benefits apply to flights operates by Iberia for LEVEL (IB26XX)

Where can I find it?

This service is available at Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mexico City, Mexico and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

How can I get more information about this service?

Please request this service at least 72 hours before your flight starts, through:

  • Serviberia

  • Iberia offices

  • Your travel agency

Service coverage

  • From / to Madrid.- Within the Community of Madrid.

  • From / to Barcelona.- Within the Barcelona metropolitan area.

  • From/to Santiago de Chile.- Airport/city and vice versa.

  • From/to Buenos Aires. - Airport/city and vice versa.

  • From/to Sao Paulo.- Airport/city and vice versa.

  • From/to Mexico City.- Airport/city and vice versa.

Documentation needed

Changes and cancellations must be made a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled flight departure or arrival time.

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