VIP Services

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Preferential treatment

Preferential treatment

We offer you check-in counters just for you, and preferential treatment at boarding, landing and luggage collection. You get VIP entry through security in nearly all the airports in our network which will save you time.

More information on the check-in counters at Madrid and  Barcelona.

VIP lounge iberia Madrid

VIP lounges

Your place to relax and get your strength back. Find out about the VIP lounges in all the airports in the world.

VIP car parks

VIP car parks

Private vehicle pick up, parking and delivery service at Madrid and Barcelona airports.

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Voor vertrek van de vlucht beschik je over een bepaalde tijd om je ticket te formaliseren en je bagage in te checken.

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Lost and found

A service for finding the objects you left on the aircraft or at Iberia facilities and which were found at any of the stopovers along your route.

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Full information and recommendations for organising trips with children and infants with iberia

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