Get answers to all your questions about Stopover Hola Madrid

What is Stopover Hola Madrid?

Stopover Hola Madrid is the special promotion from Iberia that invites you to break your journey and stay up to ten days/nine nights in Madrid without having to pay more for your ticket and with multiple benefits and discounts to enjoy in the Spanish capital. Discover this city steeped in history, art and culture, with a vibrant nightlife and picturesque streets and squares everywhere you turn. Discover the cuisine, try the local dishes, shop at the fashion stores and enjoy fascinating excursions and itineraries. Do a stopover in Madrid and live new experiences.

What are the requirements to request Stopover Hola Madrid?

To request a Stopover in Madrid, you must purchase a ticket consisting of two flights with a stopover in Madrid, from/to any of our international destinations.

To book your flight, select the Stopover option using our flights search engine on our website or via our Call Centre.

There's only one exception: if you only buy two tickets with a stopover in Madrid, these cannot be from/to destinations in Spain (e.g. Barcelona-Madrid-Seville).

For which routes is the Stopover fare available?

You can purchase the Stopover fare on most of our routes, although if it is not available for your itinerary, it may be the case that it does not meet the requirements.
Check the flight in the Multiple journeys section.

Do I need to book a round trip or can I take advantage of the offer if I'm only booking one way?

You can request the Madrid stopover service on both, round and one way trips. If you are booking a return flight, you can only use your Stopover on one of the legs.

Can I use Stopover Hola Madrid on both legs of my trip?

No, you can only use the service on one of the legs included in your ticket.

What if my flight leaves from another city where there is no direct Iberia flight to Madrid?

You can use Stopover Hola Madrid if the segment between your city of origin and the departure airport for your flight to Madrid has a codeshare agreement with Iberia. When you use our flight search, check that the flight has the mark that identifies it as a flight with Stopover.

Do I have to fly with Iberia?

On flights lasting more than 6 hours, the operating company must be Iberia, except to/from Mexico, the United States or Puerto Rico, which can be Iberia, American Airlines or British Airways.

On flights of less than 6 hours, the operating company must be Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, British Airways or Aer Lingus.

Do I have to book Stopover Hola Madrid when I buy my ticket?

Yes, when you buy your ticket you have to choose the Stopover fare because you can't add it at a later time. The best way to make sure that the ticket you want to buy offers Stopover is to search for it through the flight search on StopOver.

I already have a ticket to fly with Iberia. Can I add Stopover Hola Madrid to my trip?

If you already have your ticket and want to include a stopover in Madrid, the first thing to do is check with our Customer Service Centre to find out whether the fare you purchased allows this change.

Can I cancel or change a Stopover Hola madrid booking?

The ability to cancel or change a Stopover booking will depend on the fare applied to your ticket and whether you bought the "flexible ticket" option. Some fares have restrictions and don't allow changes or refunds, or may even include a fee. If you bought your ticket from Iberia, you can check the conditions for changes and refunds on iberia.com, in Manage your booking, or alternatively you can call the Customer Service Centre on (+34) 900 111 500. If you bought it from a travel agency, you will have to contact them for more information.

Where can I find information about Stopover?

All the information about this product is available on the website StopOver. You'll find information about accommodation, museums, transport, leisure, shopping, sightseeing tours and any other service you may need to explore Madrid.

What advantages do I get with Stopover Hola Madrid?

The main advantage of the programme is that you can explore Madrid before continuing your journey without having to pay any more. You can do this stopover for the price of a direct flight. What's more, you'll get exclusive discounts and special prices on hotel bookings, transport tickets, excursions, museums, musicals, restaurants and any other activity designed specially to provide you with every convenience for an enjoyable stay in the Spanish capital.

What are the main services and experiences offered with Stopover Hola Madrid?

Stopover Hola Madrid has agreements with different companies and organisations to offer special conditions for the most popular services with customers who decide to visit the city. You'll find information about the hotels in the best locations and how to get around Madrid by public transport with the tourist card, which is free for the first two days. And if you decide to travel further afield, you'll get big discounts on flights, buses and car hires. We've arranged special prices for visits to the main museums, palaces and monuments in Madrid and for the excursions and experiences that will show you the essence of Madrid and its surroundings. We also offer a special "HolaFly" internet rate and exclusive prices if you want to shop at the fashion stores.

How many days can I stay in Madrid with Stopover Hola Madrid?

The minimum stay is 24 hours and the maximum stay is 10 days and 9 nights from your arrival in Madrid.

I have a plane ticket with Stopover Hola Madrid How do I book the services offered with the programme?

If you already have a flight booking, go to Booking management on Iberia or on the website StopOver where you'll find the Stopover Hola Madrid section. This will direct you to the main web page for the programme with direct access to all the services offered. Select the one you want to book and we'll direct you to the partner's website so you can complete your purchase of the service. We will soon be launching a virtual card that you can download to your Wallet or Passbook to show at the partner establishments and enjoy your Stopover benefits without having to book them in advance.*

*Some services do have to be booked in advance. This is clearly indicated in the information for each experience.

Is there an office or contact telephone number in case I have any questions?

In the arrivals area at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, specifically in the baggage reclaim hall, you'll find the Stopover Hola Madrid stand. You can pick up your Hola Madrid Stopover Pack there, which includes the free 2-day travel card and other discounts, and ask our team any questions you have.



Or if you prefer, you can contact us by writing to stopoverholamadrid@iberia.es

Can I cancel or change an experience or activity?

Yes, but you'll have to get in touch directly with the partner you booked it with. You'll find the contact details on the web page for each experience on StopOver.

What's the booking code?

codigo reserva

The booking code or record locator is a random combination of letters and numbers that are associated with a booking when it is made so that it can be easily retrieved at a later time.

What's that?

The booking code or record locator is a random combination of letters and numbers that are associated with a booking when it is made so that it can be easily retrieved at a later time.

Where can I find it?

Simulated electronic ticket showing the location and appearance of the booking code:

Billete electrónico simulado