Antigua Guatemala

If the walls of Antigua could talk, they'd have a lot of tales to tell.

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Antigua Guatemala

The colonial city par excellence.

Antigua Guatemala is said to be a city that looks to the past, preserving its Mayan and colonial legacy passed down from its golden age, many years ago. Today, its cobbled streets are a good reminder that it was once the capital of the country, until the terrible earthquakes of 1773 shook this honour from its hands. However, you can still visit the famous Cerro de la Cruz hill, the former Spanish Embassy and one of the best-preserved colonial buildings in the entire country, a perfect example of the architecture of this place. What else can you find here? The Santa Catalina Arch, the Central Park, the Church and Convent of Our Lady of Mercy and an endless array of hidden historical corners that never fail to surprise and delight: especially if you visit during Easter. The history of Guatemala is written on the walls and streets of this city.

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