A number of the country's most famous dishes have pre-Hispanic roots: this is one of them.

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Caldo de chipilín

Legacy of the Xinca civilisation.

The Xincas were a civilisation that lived in the area around the present-day border between Guatemala and El Salvador. Although it has all but disappeared, in its day this civilisation built up a small empire with considerable influence across Central America and was very active against the European invaders. One of the gastronomic legacies of this civilisation which has been handed down to present day is the caldo de chipilín: a broth made by infusing the chipilín plant with the loroco flower. It is very popular in the south west of the country and is truly delicious. Other common Xinca recipes include tamales, drinks such as atole (made from boiled corn) and a dish of pork and rice that was typically served at burials in honour of the deceased person.

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