The basement is priceless; it's practically a crime to not take a look around.

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Central Market

A different type of shopping.

If you've been in Guatemala City for a few days, you'll have noticed that there are two very different types of shops in the capital: on the one hand, the modern shops in the Zona Viva; on the other, the more authentic, traditional ones dotted around the city or at the city's popular markets. If you prefer this second type, the Central Market is a must during your visit: located in the historical centre, this peculiar place has a park in the basement that offers a truly unique shopping experience. Go and take a look for yourself, it's not to be missed. It is here where the stalls really pile up, where the traders shout loudest to be heard and where the colours of the fabrics and clothing really stand out. There are certain items, like the craftwork and souvenirs, which you won't find anywhere else.

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