Jocón, pepián, torrejas, plátanos en mole… it's all delicious!

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Century-old gastronomy

The great legacy of generations past.

The distinguishing feature of Guatemalan cuisine is its exquisite fusion of traditional indigenous dishes with the trends that arrived from Spain and Europe. This culture shock gave rise to innovative new ways of cooking, eating and creating flavour sensations, while never forgetting the roots of the pre-Hispanic culture. It's no surprise that Guatemalan food is largely based on corn, in addition to many other ingredients including a huge variety of plants, seeds, flowers and wild mushrooms. These ingredients have produced countless fantastic dishes such as tamales de papa, torrejas, jocón, pepián, kaq ik or plátanos en mole; to get an idea of the importance of traditional Guatemalan cuisine, these last four dishes feature on the government's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation. Fancy trying a few of these delicacies?

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