Stall upon stall squeezed into a labyrinth of very vibrant and bustling streets.

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Chichicastenango Market

Thursdays and Sundays are for shopping.

In front of the church and starting on the front steps; the Chichicastenango Market is held in this pretty area on Thursdays and Sundays, when the streets quickly fill up with stalls, colour and people from very early in the morning. This market is one of the most interesting places to browse and buy Guatemala's ever-popular artisan products, famous for their bright, striking colours: you'll find rugs, fabrics, flags, jumpers and a wide selection of textiles at a very good price. Haggling is the order of the day here, so be prepared to negotiate the final price at each stall. A recommendation? It's best to go early, as by mid-morning there is little room to move in this labyrinth of small streets made even smaller by the multiple stalls.

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