You better believe it: this is the largest Catholic church in Central America. Impressive!

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Esquipulas Basilica

Home to the adored Black Christ.

At around 200 kilometres (124 miles) west of the Guatemalan capital, the city of Esquipulas is home to one of those big features that makes a place really stand out: Its basilica is the largest Catholic church in Central America, a sign and symbol of the evangelisation that swept across the continent after the arrival of the Europeans. It is famous for its dazzling white facade and for its four bell towers, which are the only ones their kind in the region. This church pays tribute to the Black Christ of Esquipulas, which takes its name from the dark wood in which the statue is carved. The religious fervour it inspires is so great that thousands of people come every year to pray before the image, from different parts of the country and from neighbouring states. It was Pope John XXIII who, given its relevance, granted this church the ceremonial rights of a basilica.

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