Named after Georgina, the wife of President Jorge Ubico.

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Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs

With healing powers.

The department of Quetzaltenango is highly significant in Guatemala for various reasons. On the one hand, it is the region with the highest percentage of indigenous people, taking great pride in its role as the guardian of this ancestral heritage, and it is the perfect place to explore these pre-Hispanic cultures. On the other hand, it is famous for the popular Fuentes Georginas; a natural spa that emerged with the discovery of the hot springs in the previous century. It is named after Georgina, the wife of Jorge Ubico, one of the country's most popular presidents. The First Lady would come here on a regular basis to treat her muscle problems by bathing in these natural pools and, since then, the springs have seen a well-deserved surge in popularity. It is said that the water cures all types of ailments, leading dozens of people to flock to these springs every day.

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